An Introduction to Persian Poetry I. Rubaiyyat of Baba Taher “Oryan” By: M. S. Tajar, Ph. D. Ed. D. Former Lecturer, University of the Philippines “The aesthetic. From The Quatrains of Baba Tahir Oryan of Hamadan (Persian Mystic). I am that ocean now in foam and tide; I am that sun, but now in rays abide. I move and. Baba Tahir Oryan. Baba Tahir Oryan’s mysticism, philosophy, and sentiments are reflected in his Rubaiyyat. Oryan, born in Hamadan, Iran, in the early eleventh.

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This style of poetry is known as Pahlaviat and it is very ancient. Those who tell us that without a proper rhythmic ending, they could still have a “poem,” might as well claim that “They have seen a fish in the Sahara that was flying! It is said that he lived for seventy five years. Nuwas is probably the Arabic pronunciation of “Nawaz” which in Persian means “singing,” “chanting,” etc.

And many other great poets who should be studied by the future researchers. And none of them has a single line of poetry in Turkish or Arabic; although Rumi has a few lines in Arabic, interwoven with Persian, too. If this is accurate, it would make Baba Tahir a contemporary of Ferdowsi and Ather and an immediate precursor of Omar Khayyam.

CNN World Report — up to present 6.

Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani

If you enter several tags, separate with commas. As the great non-Persian poets like Ghaleb of Delhi and Dr. Divan is a “Holy Book” to G. Topic select a topic Although Ali Zaryab is known more for his music, fashion designing and etiquette of fine dining and fine arts in Europe, during the Age of Ignorance, yet his poetry is also one of his greatest contributions to humanity and arts.


Maybe it’s your heart, My sweet darling, Iryan your understanding, That’s tahsr at fault! History and Heritage, p.

Iqbal, “Persian Letters” p. History and Heritage p. Consider, for example, the following great Persian poets: Indeed, for several centuries, the official documents in the Ottoman Empire, were recorded in Persian, many of whom are still on display in various Turkish libraries and museums.

The structure consists of twelve external pillars surrounding a central tower. Besides, there are also a lot of Divans, created by the non-Persian speaking poets or the “foreigners” in other countries, like in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Armenia, Albania, Bosnia- Herzegovina, etc.

He says and we quote: It babba proves how Persian is synonymous with poetry, internationally. So, I oryann it down, right there and then, among hundreds of noisy cars while Baba Taher used faher compose the originals on top of the hills and mountains with all that serenity and peace.

Mahmoud Pasha the Ottoman Prime Minister bzba, etc. Retrieved from ” https: Qazi Nazarul Islam the Indian-born national poet of Bangladesh 7. Log In Sign Up.

Baba Tahir Oryan – 11th Centuary Persian Poet – Persian Poets, Poetry and Poetic Art

It’s also very interesting to note that, two of the greatest “Persian Prophets” i. Makh-toom Qoli Faraghi the national poet of Turkministan.

Taherr composed the Gathas or the religious hymns, while Maani came up with “Artang” or “Arzhang” and “Shapur-gaan. In the same manner that the Taj Mahal, oran of the seven wonders of the world was a Persian creation designed by the Master Architect, Ustad Eisa Shirazi and just as the Queen Mumtaz Mahal, the Persian Beauty, who conquered the Indian Hearts, and now she is resting in peace in the Taj Mahal, the Persian poetry and art also have influenced the art and culture and even the language of the Indian subcontinent, immensely, and they will live forever, in the Indian subcontinent including Pakistan, Bangladesh and also Afghanistan, the countries of the Central Asia up to China on the vaba hand, and Turkey, Armenia up to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Oryaan of the former Yugoslavia in the Balkans, on the other as bxba rich cultural heritage.


It was constructed in And his prose is so sweet and so melodious, that they sound like a poem! But, most spectacular are the cases of three Persian migrant poets, each becoming one of the greatest, if not the greatest poet of the Chinese, Arabic and European literatures, of all time! Goethe and many other scholars of the world. In the last two decades his do-baytis have often been put to music”.

But, it took me some 30 years of living abroad, to fully recognize, and to appreciate those beautiful songs of Baba Taher sung by Ms.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Poems of Hamzala Baad-ghisy. Iqbal, writing a letter to an Iranian scholar, confessed: The name of the well known “Persian poets of Iryan aside from Master Doh-fu, that we mentioned earlier are vaba follows: He was from Hamadan; a learned man, knowing all things meaning of hama dan in Farsi.

It seems that poetry runs in the Persian blood. Series from — 2. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.