Course title: Electrical machines, Name in Polish: Maszyny elektryczne Bajorek Zygmunt – Teoria maszyn elektrycznych – PRz – Rzeszów (skrypt). -. Bajorek. Bajorek Zygmunt, Teoria maszyn elektrycznych, PRz – Rzeszów (skrypt).,; Bajorek Zygmunt, Rodziński Jan, Maszyny elektryczne. Ćwiczenia rachunkowe, PRz. Bajorek Z., ‘Teoria maszyn elektrycznych’. (‘Theory of electric machines’), ed. PWN,. (in Polish). 2. Bednarz W., Gieras J., Piniarski W., ‘Dy- namic properties.

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Those requirements are still applicable today. Basic requirements in category social competences: About authors How to cite Publication history expand all. Working alone generator characteristics as.

Synchronous generator – equivalent circuit, Phasor diagram. Status before start-up of motors of auxiliary equipment. In this figure, unit no. This number is not satisfactory.

Consumption of reactive power by loads would compensate, at least in part, the power generated in excess by high voltage power lines, i. The sequence of the above-mentioned steps and the overall active power consumption by auxiliary equipment in unit no. Start-up of a power unit of a thermal power plant auxiliary system with supply from eoektrycznych hydropower plant Authors: Course descriptions are protected by copyright.


Some basic information about the module

The transformer – construction and principle of operation, equivalent elekrycznych, phasor diagram, states of the work, characteristics. The student knows the types and characteristics of the machine.

Synchronous generator – equivalent circuit, Phasor diagram. Department of Electrodynamics and Electrical Machine Systems. One example is the failure in Szczecin 8 April The main aim of study: Diagram of supply line for auxiliary equipment in unit no. Diagram of supply circuit for auxiliary equipment in unit no.

DC generator – generator types, properties, characteristics. The faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering. The name of the faculty organization unit: Partners Energa is one of the four largest power groups in Poland. The start-up itself is also in the form of idling fans and mills or partial load pumps.

Karta modułu kształcenia

The system controls the opening of the wicket gate and position of rotor blades synchronous generator with toria following rating: The student knows the construction and operation of the induction machine. The student understands the conditions of teamwork. Synchronous machine motor operation – start, electromagnetic torque, angular characteristics. The student who completed the module. The preparation for a test: Department of Electrodynamics and Electrical Machine Systems.


Electric drive systems in power engineering and motorization, Electric power conversion and utilization. Transformer – construction and principle of operation, operating conditions, characteristics. As part of those plans the following can be done in the NPS:.

Back See whole magazine. The ways of veryfing every mentioned outcome of teaching. Basic requirements in category knowledge: The student knows the basic characteristics and properties of induction machine.