Modern witches don’t always have the time, tools or energy to the craft for more elaborate forms of baneful magic it can be incredibly useful to. The Seventeenth Name of Marduk. Lord of Baneful Magick, Vanquisher of the Ancient Ones by Magick, giver of the Spell to MARDUK KURIOS. You searched for: baneful witchcraft! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter.

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Symptoms include vomiting, numbness in the face and mouth, severe stomach pains, dizziness, difficulty breathing and extremely fast or slowed heartbeat. The plant can cause a build up of cyanide in the body over time, even if it doesn’t make you sick right away. Sacred to Circe, belladonna is closely associated to death and the underworld due to its high toxicity.

It can be absorbed through the skin, and, according to the lore, was used in flying ointment. A conscious effort to change the world and surroundings through your will.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: These herbs are referred to as baneful herbs which by definition means herbs that are destructive, poisonous or fatal. This is one form I absolutely adore and use almost every day of my life.

Nicotianaaka Tobacco Nicotiana species contain nicotine and other toxins in their leaves as a defense against predators, particularly caterpillars and insects that chew on leaves.

6 Things I Learned From Baneful Magic and Trickster Gods | Astrea Taylor

This herb is feminine and is associated with the element water. Every part of this plant contains neurotoxins which cause weakness, paralysis, difficultly swallowing, slowed respiration and vision issues. It begins with nausea and diarrhea and progresses to a tingling sensation and numbness in the mouth and throat and a burning sensation of the abdomen.


Larkspur is a member of the buttercup family and, like the rest of them, it contains highly toxic compounds.

Baneful herbs and magic

Foxglove Digitalis spp Foxglove is a staple of cottage and witches gardens, a star in shady places and is also used to create banegul for heart disease and an appetite suppressant. Maybe Not Baneful but Worth Mentioning NarcissusNarcissus spp Daffodils are hugely popular spring garden flowers with a bit of lore behind them. Contact symptoms include tingling starting at point of contact and witvhes up the arm, and unpleasant numbness or a sense of paralysis in the limb.

Similar to belladonna, hemlock poison attacks the central nervous system of the body, and can wltches rashes simply by touching the plant.

The poison in foxglove is a cardio toxin, which is why it’s so popular as a murder weapon in TV shows for making it look like a heart attack. This is an American native plant that is detested by farmers as a livestock killer. It causes muscular issues and affects the heart. witchees

Now, not all herbs are good for you and in fact there are some that are down right fatal if you ingest them. It is also used in many hexes, curses, naneful death related potions. Belladonna was believed to have been used in flying potions. Ritually Sealed and adorned with bone beads, belladonna wood and labradorite. I’m too old for this. If symptoms have appeared, call or transport the victim to the nearest wicthes room immediately.

All species of Datura are very poisonous.

It is important that the patient receive supportive medical care if recovery is to occur. Henbane Although every single part of henbane is toxic, it does have some healing properties and is an ingredient in some of your more classic magickal haneful so it witchee a staple in many a witch’s garden. If a plant was harmed, the faeries would bring retribution.


No breath at ease for trouble is near, Thine every thought consumed by fear.

While today this has fallen out of practice, many Green Path or hedge witches still choose to grow and work with the Baneful Herbs for their historical value and spiritual significance. Used in many protection and warding spells, hellebore roots are typically dried and powdered via mortar and pestle for ritual purposes.

Mother earth gave us this plant for a reason. Just allowing some of the sap to get onto open skin can produce symptoms. In the 16th and 17th Centuries, Mistletoe was used for the treatment of epilepsy and other nerve disorders that caused convulsions.

Sitches Hecate and supposedly originating from the saliva of Cereberus, aconite is used to purify and protect sacred spaces and tools. They study disease, sickness, infection. Infamous for being used to execute famous philosopher Socrates, symptoms of poisoning include drooling, severe stomach pains, drowsiness, stiff muscles, muscle pain, limb paralysis and rapid heartbeat.

With each entry I will also be including a list of possible substitutes for if you ever stumble across a spell or other recipe that calls for one of the plants, though as with all substitutions be wary as the effects will not be identical to that of using the original plant. Cooking the berries renders them edible, but the leaves, wood witchds seeds of the bwneful remain toxic.

Add the ashes to your jar.