In this rich reference work, Beth Levin classifies over English verbs according to shared meaning and behavior. Levin starts with the hypothesis that a. English verb classes and alternations: A preliminary investigation. By BETH. LEVIN. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Pp. xviii, Cloth. $ English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation. Beth Levin. ( Northwestern University). Chicago: The University of Chicago. Press, , xviii.

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English Verb Classes and Alternations

Verbs of Lingering and Rushing. The first part of the book sets out alternate ways in which verbs can express their arguments. Abstract Cause Subject Alternation 3. Directional Phrases with Nondirected Motion Verbs 8.

English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation, Levin

Verbs of Change of State Verbs of Contact by Impact Verbs of Existence Container Subject Alternation 3. Verbs of Inherently Directed Motion The second presents classes of verbs that share a kernel of meaning and explores in detail the behavior alternatikns each class, drawing on the alternations in the first part.


Verbs of Body-Internal States of Existence English Verb Classes and Altwrnations Language–Reference Syntax and Semantics. The first part of the book sets out alternate ways in which verbs can express their arguments. Verbs of Dressing Verbs of Caring for a Specific Body Part Verbs of Body-Internal Motion For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Verbs of Contact by Impact.

Alternations Involving Postverbal “Subjects” 6. Verbs of Lingering Verbs of Rushing Claxses Reflexive Alternation 4. Verbs of Grooming and Bodily Care. Verbs of Social Interaction Verbs of Grooming and Bodily Care Unintentional Interpretation of Object 7.

English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation – Beth Levin – Google Books

University of Chicago Press: Psych-Verbs Verbs of Psychological State Verbs of Future Having Preposition Drop Alternations 1. Adjectival Perfect Participles intransitive verbs 6. Verbs of Combining and Attaching Account Options Sign in. Inalienably Possessed Body-Part Object 8.

Natural Force Subject Verrb 3. Possessor and Attribute Alternation 2. It will prove indispensable for theoretical and computational linguists, psycholinguists, cognitive scientists, lexicographers, and teachers of English as a second language.


Verbs of Cutting Verbs veerb Modes of Being Involving Motion Verbs of Coloring Selected pages Title Page. Verbs of Providing Verbs of Killing