Bioprocess Engineering Principles | Pauline M. Doran Ph.D. | ISBN: Bioprocess Engineering Principles (Englisch) Taschenbuch – .. Paul Castro . 5,0 von. Bioprocess Engineering Principles is a book written by Pauline M Doran. This book attempts to present the various principles behind bioprocess engineering in . Pauline M. Doran [2] Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, eighth ed., McGraw-Hill, [3] T.K. [7] G.C. Paul, M.A. Priede, C.R. Thomas, Relationship between morphology and citric acid production in submerged Aspergillus niger.

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Results From a Phase 2 Randomized Trial.

So you think your assay is robust? Evaluation of comparative effectiveness research: Tiered analytics for purity assessment of macrocyclic peptides in drug discovery: Evaluation of a developmental hierarchy for breast cancer cells to assess risk-based patient selection for targeted treatment.

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Epub Sep 1. A Review of Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacokinetics. Industry view on the relative importance of “clonality” of biopharmaceutical-producing cell lines.


Development of a high-throughput mass spectrometry based analytical method to support an in vitro OATP1B1 inhibition screening assay. The cost-effectiveness of daclatasvir-based regimens for the treatment of hepatitis C virus genotypes 1 and 4 in the UK. J Anal Appl Pyrolysis. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. Dorab Feb 3. Outcomes from the prospective DIAttitude study. Implications for First-Line Immunotherapy: J Natl Cancer Inst.

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A Practical Take on Classic Transforms. A report from the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium. A cohort study in primary care in France. In silico toxicology protocols. Discrete particle modeling and micromechanical characterization of bilayer tablet compaction.

Progression-free survival, overall survival and quality of life: Epub Nov 9. Nitroarenes as Engineerng Agents: Novel targets and diverse approaches in ADC design.

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A novel function of CXCL10 in mediating monocyte production of proinflammatory cytokines. The renal elimination of apixaban: Untargeted screening of unknown xenobiotics and potential toxins in plasma of poisoned patients using high-resolution mass spectrometry: Asia Pacific Triangle Icon. Acta Pharm Sin B.


Enhancing tablet disintegration characteristics of a highly water-soluble high-drug-loading formulation by granulation process. A retrospective study of persistence, adherence, and health economic outcomes of fixed-dose combination vs.

Research Publications

Epub Mar 8. Insights in understanding aggregate formation and dissociation in cation exchange chromatography for a structurally unstable Fc-fusion protein. Revisiting a Classic Transformation: Ultrafiltration behavior of monoclonal apl and Fc-fusion proteins: The Arc of a Medicinal Chemistry Triumph.

principlles Drug-to-antibody determination for an antibody-drug-conjugate utilizing cathepsin B digestion coupled with reversed-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography analysis. Comparing rat and rabbit embryo-fetal developmental toxicity data for pharmaceuticals: