This fourth edition of Biosafety in Microbiological and. Biomedical Laboratories editions of the BMBL, whose guidelines are now accepted as the international. This is not to say that the new BMBL will not require interpretations. This was clarified in the 4th edition by “Filtration and other treatments of. medical Laboratories (BMBL) (HHS et al., ) was pub- lished. Does our facility have to comply with the require- ments of this new edition? • The 4th edition of.

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He added that the important principle is edtiion keep track of what you have, be able to present your inventory, and have a way of verifying that the inventory is accurate when select agents are involved.

Does the document go through review? If the audience for the BMBL has changed since it was initially introduced, is it appropriate to keep its original scope?

Requiring lab coats and eye protection when entering BSL-2 labs.

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition – CDC

There are allowances for handling an unknown sample in a clinical lab until you know what the sample is, he added.

Ellis mentioned that CDC published a document a few years ago about human clinical labs and veterinary diagnostic labs, particularly about the unique challenges with biosafety and containment of unknowns that come to the labs daily in large volumes.

Hunt said an online workshop participant asked if there will be more information on other aerosol-generating procedures—the published research is fairly old.

Hart said that while the BMBL was originally written more for academia and research, it is used by diagnostic labs and public health labs. She said providing definitions for types of protective eyewear would be somewhat counterproductive since there is already established guidance. Ksiazek said the generally accepted procedure is not taking the waste to the dump; the editkon procedure is to decontaminate it in an autoclave or to hand it over to commercial waste disposal companies.

The MSDS format is preferred. Hunt said an online workshop participant commented that it should definitely be performance based; with the multiplicity of public health and biosafety challenges and research avenues, and the accelerating rate of technological change in response to these challenges, any prescriptive approaches in the BMBL 6th Edition would most likely be obsolete upon publication; even real-time, web-based curation of the new edition would require constant updating of prescriptive edtion.


This process is somewhat nebulous and ought to be clarified, he added. Wilson pointed out that while there had been recommendations from many taskforces and workgroups to have LAI data collected and kept in a central repository, this central repository does not currently exist.

He noted that some experiments have been done in the 60s and 70s and very little has been published recently. Page 13 Share Cite.

Wilson said if the BMBL is being used in a way that it was not intended editiion editors would like to know about it and give it consideration. She explained the rationale for being redundant—people do not read the BMBL cover to cover; they only read parts of it or bmhl print out certain sections of the manual. Salerno also said that diagnostic and medical labs have relatively sophisticated quality management systems, which they are required to have, that embrace this approach.

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However, she noted, the BMBL still has the biggest impact on microbiology labs and clinical microbiology labs. He said the tables in this appendix are very useful but asked if information on common toxins, such as Diphtheria and Cholera 4fh could be added. He also mentioned the following comments from the virtual town hall: Should there be an easy-to-understand flow chart for certain things like how to clean up a spill? Welch said there are labs, because of the 4thh of research they perform, that do not necessarily require certified biosafety professionals.

Could the definition include the criteria under which not following the guideline is expected or is acceptable? She shared the following comments that were posted on the virtual town hall:. She said the bmbbl is asking for clarification if it is all work or all aerosol-generating work that should be done in a BSC Ellis said he thinks the Ediition is not the place to have a lot of information on waste management and because evition, state, and regulatory agencies will have their own regulations it will be difficult to have something in the BMBL about this that would edituon useful to everybody.

Ksiazek pointed out that there are continuous cell lines in the ATCC 34 catalog that are at risk level 1, not 2; if the risk level carries over to the biosafety level and there is no contamination then these cell lines could be worked on at level 1. The current format of the summary statements discourages local risk assessment.


Ellis said a discussion of these fairly new topics perhaps in the introduction part seems. Hunt mentioned these general comments from the online workshop participants: Hunt noted that not too many comments were received on Section I. Make the section more user-friendly by listing the material to be imported or transported and the regulations that apply to it rather than listing the regulation and the types of shipment they would apply to. Ksiazek said there was 4yh request to move the listing of all the arboviruses to an appendix.

Salerno said the concept of risk assessment, i. Ellis said there were only a couple of comments on this appendix; one was about the definition of a biological toxin—is it a chemical or a biologic?

Hunt said another online workshop participant said that this appendix is useful but could more emphasis be given to risk assessment here as well. He said it would be helpful if the BMBL could articulate the concept of a culture that does not penalize those who made mistakes and instead encourages people to have regular discussions of laboratory incidents, whether good or bad, and to provide feedback without fear of retribution.

To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. Several workshop participants, including one online workshop participant said redundancy is helpful, do not consolidate the information. Keep in mind that the BMBL is used as a basis for guidelines in other countries. Several online workshop participants also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to give their input.

Ksiazek said there was a suggestion to cover insectaries in more detail. Hart said it is not the same and not as authoritative as the BMBL. There is no requirement but when it is needed, engineers take the minimal approach rather than having a differential that accomplishes the purpose.