Below are some common fault codes for Mitsubishi Ecodan and Daikin Altherma air to water heat pumps. If you need help interpreting the error code or fixing.

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Returns to normal when automatic setting is complete. Type of nonvolatile memory. Do not charge the refrigerant more than the specified amount. The operation will stop if the tank storage temperature has been reached.

Hmm is anyone daikni experiencing problems with the xaikin on this blog loading? The actual permission level is determined by field setting. Make sure to use nitrogen gas. See page 6 for installation of the benefit KWh rate power supply contact.

Detail description on next page. Symbol visible on the remote controller There is not enough water flow. Are the characteristics of the discharge pipe thermistor normal? Domestic hot water cylinder thermistor fault J1 Outdoor unit LT: Printed daikkin board defect A5 Indoor unit LT: These sounds are produced when the Normal operation.

NO Replace the low pressure sensor. Check with a voltmeter if the voltages on X2M: Faulty Combination of PCB The pictogram shows the item to which attention must be paid.


NO If you turn the power supply off and turn on again, and it still does not help, replace the indoor unit PC board A1P. Replace the fuse F4U. There are 2 permission levels defined.

NO Connect connector and operate unit again. We are confident that customers will be able to find the models that best suit their needs.

Malfunction Decision Conditions When the tank thermistor becomes disconnected or shorted while the unit is running. Malfunction Decision Conditions When the liquid thermistor becomes disconnected or shorted while the unit is running.

Current sensor faulty, compressor disconnected or faulty outdoor printed circuit board RA. Changes made to a field setting are only stored when the pr button is pressed. Compressor lock liquid suction oil shortage High differential daikni 0.

Mitsubishi Ecodan & Daikin Altherma Fault Codes / Error Codes

In this way always a minimum of domestic hot water is available. NO Can be checked see A6 error Make sure that: In setback operation for leaving water control, a shift down value is chosen. The default values are proposed but codee be changed depending on the complete system installation.

For details how to change field settings refer to the chapter “Field settings” of the indoor unit installation or operation manual. It is cods that the “last” programmed command may date from the day before. If a malfunction occurs, replace the remote controller Set one remote control to “MAIN”; the power supply off once and then back on. NO Connect the thermistor and turn on again. Test Operation More details about setback function can be found in setting [2].


sianglag – Code defaut daikin altherma pdf

Malfunction of Capacity Determination Device It is not necessary to charge additionally if the piping length is under 10 m. Repeat step 2 through 4 to change other field settings as required. The system stops and immediately restarts operation.

Make the power transistor check mode setting ON by defau mode. This function can only be set by field settings.

Charge the liquid refrigerant with the cylinder in upright position. Value of compressor port temperature calculated by Tc and Te, and suction superheated degree. Start with a low domestic hot water storage temperature set point, and only increase if you feel that the domestic hot water supply temperature is not sufficient for your needs this depends on your water using pattern.