Codex of Adventure, vol. I. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT USES THE ARCANIS ROLE-PLAYING GAME SYSTEM. Arcanis: The World of. Codex Arcanis has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. The Codex Arcanis is the essential tome for the critically-acclaimed Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires c. Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires is a role-playing game that immerses you and your players in a story-telling adventure while testing your tactical skills.

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Both blank although the main map is stuck to the inside back cover. Another fascinating aspect of the dwarves is when they die, they transmigrate their souls into crystal shards in the hope that they will be admitted into the paradise of Iliir once the curse is lifted their souls do not presently reincarnate due to the curse.

The section also details the unknown lands of Uggur to the west of The Western Lands and the mysterious city-states that may lie within its borders – Hegoch a humanoid mountainous city-state and Quagga a subterranean city-state run by an ex-Coryani half-orc Centurion.

This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Codex Arcanis has to be the most undervalued book on the market today for fantasy gaming. Aranis Read Edit View history.

Immerse yourself in a deep fantasy world awash in the intrigues of nations, churches and secret societies. The Elorii follow the Elemental Lords that created them, despite the destruction of four of them. One cleric could be a healer of disease; meanwhile his college could be spreading disease.

Where the notions of good and evil are subsumed by shades of grey. The Mother Church of Coryan considers worship of the Myrantian deities heresy, but allows the worship of traditional Pantheon of Man deities under the names of Myrantian gods.

Sort of makes sense in a way. They are well known for their strange magics and were responsible for the creation of the Elorii. Cursed by the god Iliir, their leaders turned to stone and the leaders’ hearts to gems. Results 1 to 6 of 6.

Later, Sarish, the grandson of Illiir and the God of Contracts came to the Dwarves and told them that should they craft the perfect item, their curse would be lifted.

The beginning chapters of the Codex are mostly filled with human lands, though some may not seem so human or humane. This section, presented as if by the Altherian ambassador to Coryani, ends with information on the Altherians faith, the capital of Altheria, and the threats from Ssethregore and elsewhere, as well as attitudes to the other nations of Onara.


Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, To preserve their souls, each Dwarf carries with him a gem, known as Soul Stone to which their soul is trapped following their death, to be released when the Curse has been lifted. This empire consists of many races, many of them serpentine such as Naga and Ssanu snake-men who replaced the Yuan-ti after the latter were removed from the Open Gaming License content.

The section details various reptilian races of Ssethregore, Naga, Troglodytes, Ss’ressen Lizardfolka forgotten god, and the new worship of the Slaadi. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There follows a short and interesting history section discussing the coming of the Devil-Kings and the rise of the Church of the Dark Triumvirate the Canceri essentially worship only three of the pantheon of gods of Arcanis – Neroth god of the deadNier god of destruction and Sarish the demon god.

Victor Choy Designs, Inc. Also known as The League of Princes, this jungle region is split into six smaller regions with varying types of government. He granted them three gifts but warned that the gifts would bring pain and, through pain, spiritual growth.

West of the First City is an enormous flood plain, invaded by the sea at seasonal intervals.


While originally launched as a d20srd title, Arcanis was relaunched in with a unique rules set as detailed in Paradigm Concepts. In addition, sometimes secret orders are issued to specific nationalities, sides in war, or other subgroups.

This may add some vermisitude for some; others are going to need a lot more coffee.

The Stronghold of the Pirate King. The Myrantian Pantheon seems primarily based on the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, though not entirely.

Codex Arcanis (Arcanis; Pci1115)

Their leaders were turned to stone and the giants were transformed into arcwnis dwarven race. I was close to giving this an average rating as a measure of this range of value, but arcains amount of work that has gone into this is truly stunning and I just can’t be that cruel. FireWaterAirand Earththe Elorii are immortal. Dark-kin are the results of a period of Onara’s history called the Time of Terror, when Demons, Devils, and other Infernals were released from the Hells by the powerful magics of the Myrantian Empire.

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Ckdex as a sourcebook for those interested in Arcanis, Codex Arcanis does not succeed in entertaining from start to finish as Paradigm’s previous releases have.

If I had been one of the children, I would pesonally have gutted him to stop the monotony of his speech. Add tags Tags separate by space: Plots born from an ancient treachery begin to reach fruition in the present machinations of emperors and kings.

Friday, 31st August, It seemed at this point that the middle section of the book was the blandest part of the product; things were stronger in the front and the back.

Truth be told, the myths are right. The nations of Arcanis are mostly human affairs, all related to the First Imperium that fell thousands of years ago; most of these are ruled by the Val. Erik Van rated it really liked it Jul 29, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. An page detailed history of the Empire is given, from the viewpoint of a Coryani Centurion as he rescues child slaves from the Canceri. An absolutely amazing campaign setting with a rich history.

Each section has a ‘Secrets’ sidebar that gives the reader information that the author of the journal did not know, all great adventure seeds. A complete pantheon, unlike any fantasy religion in that it is left to mortals to interpret the commandments of faith.

Codex Arcanis (Arcanis; Pci) by Paradigm Concepts

The sourcebook gets off to an interesting start 10 pages. Th elves retreated into the forest waiting for vengeance against the humans gods the remaining elven aecanis prophesied that the humans themselves would one day be needed by the elves in help to “beat back the silent darkness”, though some elves still hate humans and kill them on sight.

Within arxanis will find: This system uses a similar initiative system to Feng Shui ; a progressive clock system of initiative, with each action taking a specific number of ‘ticks’ of a clock rather than simply having everyone go in a predetermined order.