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This architecture shown in Figure 8 shows the redundant units for reconfiguration, and managers logical machines.

Each terminal is connected to a subscriber AB AB p, respectively. In this application the peripheral control units PCU are not connected to the switching network no AM coupler. Indeed in distributed systems with a capacity of autocommutateut thousand lines, it is necessary to have two levels of control by microprocessors: The entire software is stored on a duplicated disk for security reasons.

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An abnormality detection by a program other than a maintenance program results in a defensive action, defined in the program resumption, RESETan error message is then routed to the logic machine network management of MLR command specifying the identification of the program which has detected the abnormality, and context. These are loaded from disk, at the request of the operator, and then transferred and activated in the designated microprocessor, previously blocked manually. The logical machine MLR management control network provides runtime control by delay.

In each microprocessor is located a maintenance task that performs internal testing and indicates the logical machine MLR managing the state of the microprocessor. The IF training sequence of each microprocessor contains a simplified control of the whole CPU card microprocessor, memory, coupler AR looped organized test for the location of the faulty card.


C 8, connecting with peripherals: Each group of units is connected by two beams F distributing four multiplex links for access to four planes of the switching network.

Test states of a tape drive, provided by the coupler of the unwinder. The invention also relates to a protection device in which the software is organized into reconfigurable logic machines managed by the third level management means, characterized in that the fault signaling functions are centralized in a logical maintenance machine MLM that receives messages from the second level management means, and makes editing messages signaling.

In this way we can not only compare two competing projects, but also track the progress of distributions as they adopt newer versions of software. The choice of active beam may be carried out independently by the microprocessor of each autocpmmutateur unit.

Method and apparatus for path testing in a time division multiplex switching network. The control unit is thus replaced – the user’s point of view autocommutaateur a logical network of machines.

For faults in the security block, the TGA task uses the data provided by the manager.

Abréviations des cours

Each pair the signals are transmitted in a bipolar mode. Comparing package versions between two distributions Often times it is useful to be able to compare the versions of different packages between two distributions. Integrated in the logical machines Management MGT terminals.

The addressing of logical machines is done by name rather than by physical address. The AM module is tested by looping the information on a time interval of each control channel.

Asterisk goto

These tests are performed by robots located in units of special terminals. An example of unit of subscriber terminals is shown in Figure 2.


Preventive test paths driven by the logic machine connection network management MGX uses the MGT terminal management logical machines for autocommutareur loopback and internal closures AM and terminal units UT couplers.

It also controls the line circuits LC via an IS interface supervision and control. Special Task alarm management and TGA an alarm panel.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Or, a modular switch necessarily comprises a number of blocks or groups of devices, and the second control level can be either integrated in auyocommutateur groups, or external, in which case a processor of this level is not necessarily assigned rigidly to a group. Methods, systems and computer program products for connecting and monitoring network equipment in a telecommunications system.

Removable program location test. A defense device of a distributed control PABX. A microprocessor has access to the system bus S-BUS and to a resident autocommutatfur, not shown, for the management of resources located on the processor board CPU: The Manager maintains status of managed devices tables and counters faults recovered for him to decide the isolation of equipment in case threshold exceeded the number of faults.

The reset indicator is performed following repair validation autocommufateur. The purpose of the invention is to provide a defense system, applied to a system of the latter type and removing to it any of its characteristics of modularity and flexibility.