It’s not the magic that makes it work; it’s the way we work that makes it magic.” The secret for creating “magic”. Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney. Lee Cockerell, Author Broadway Business $26 (p) ISBN. Creating Magic has ratings and reviews. Josh said: Fantastic book on leadership that anyone in a management or leadership position MUST read. C.

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It’s an easy read that you can devour every word of, or also just skim as you desire. What are examples of teamwork in action in groups like these? Oct 14, Minutes. He describes his hard-nosed earlier self getting beaten up creatong employees twice!

It reinforced many of my personal views hands on management, servant leadership, magid recognition on the subject and also taught me some new things time management, growth strategies to improve. Why do you think this is true?

If you’re someone who reads a lot on psychology or business leadership, won’t get much new. The book is packed with Lee’s own stories throughout his career with Marriott, Disney, and Hilton and he learned some lessons the hard way.

This is so important. When beginning with Discussion Questions, decide first which will be mgic appropriate for your class. She mgaic had excellent service from me for the last few months. Aug 16, Greg Whipple rated it really liked it. Explore the advantages and disadvantages by discussing specific examples. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Quotes from Creating Magic.

Cockerell goes through his strategies in a very familiar, easy to read style, with stories throughout, in order to v Most likely, a 4. It is clear that Cockerell has spent his career, illustrious as it may be, in a single industry An acceptable introductory book on leadership, geared specifically towards service industries.


Here, Lee Cockerell delves into the recruiting, selecting, and hiring of cast members. Preview — Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell. Crating surprising business wisdom with insightful and entertaining stories from Lee’s four decades on the front lines of some of the world’s best-run companies, Creating Magic shows all of us – from small business owners to managers at every level – how to become better leaders by infusing quality, character, courage, enthusiasm, and integrity into our workplace and into our lives.

There is nothing truly shocking or unique about them, but it is helpful to consider them in many leadership roles.

Without sharing specific names, which leee do you know who act professionally? Lee Cockerell is the master and designer behind many of the practices that make Disney great. For those students who have yet to hold their first part-time job, odd jobs, babysitting, and even volunteer work may provide answer material.

He is a future magic-maker and I can’t wait to see him implement these ideals in future companies he works for, manages, or owns. Aside from being time-consuming, what are the disadvantages? I’ll read just about anything about how Disney captures that elusive magic.

Creating Magic Through Thinking

Or consider an organization, which if it did use a similar method to what the author describes, would result in an improved recruiting and hiring program. No one knows more about this kind of leadership than Lee Cockerell, the man who r Cerating not the magic that makes it work; it’s the way we work that makes it magic.

What is an example of another business addressing a major complaint? May 09, Jo Oehrlein rated it it was ok Shelves: Think of someone you creatijg who does.

I definitely will have to buy a physical addition, so I can take better notes. As one of the public faces of the world-renowned Disney Institute, he continues to teach courses in leadership and professional development. The Disney brand is synonymous with magic, aligning with excellence in all its ,agic and services. Can you imagine if every company took these same ideas to heart?


Creating Magic

creatjng The lists could have been written by many different authors — read this one for the Disney anecdotes. Lees personal stories though out the book keep it from becoming another boring business book.

In turn, this will help employees make better managerial decisions. Discuss your thoughts regarding this philosophy.

Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell – Teacher’s Guide – : Books

I believe anyone who listens to or reads this book will finish it energized and with many take away ideas to use in life or business. When that decision is made, le changes both philosophically and attitudinally.

Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell.

What was the original problem? What is an actual example of this process? What advice does the author share for a manager who needs to convey sometimes critical, tough-to-receive information to an employee? Burn the free fuel: It would be a cockedell gift to an entire organization to give this book to every employee and hold weekly “book club” sessions to discuss the methods and lesson within.

The secret for creating magic in our careers, our organizations, and our lives is simple: May 17, Bart-Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. USAA and magiic I love them. What would be some advantages of you trying new tricks?

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Cockerell says right in the title that it is common sense, but it is amazing how many people don’t use common sense.