DEGRADACIÓN POR EROSIÓN HÍDRICA Erosión Hídrica ¿QUE ES? Bibliografía %C3%B3n_h%C3%. EROSION “Erosion es un proceso de movilización y transporte de partículas por agentes erosivos.” Ellison, Agentes erosivos Impacto de gotas de lluvia. La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios. D’Onofrio, G. Lietaert, F. Perez, C. FAO, Rome (Italy). Direccion de Fomento de Tierras y AguasMinisterio .

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These land cover changes had the potential of promoting fresh water pollution with run-off sediments.

Soil loss occurs on the inter-terrace interval. This is mainly due to the replacement of brushland by eucalyptus forest, in addition to the effects of soil conservation practices in rangelands, native forest and agricultural soils.

The temporal scale used in computing the C factor was a crop stage period over which cover-management conditions were assumed to be represented by an average value for the erosionn.

Vegetative cover scenarios Soil erosion was estimated for the county under current vegetative conditions and for three alternate scenarios where vegetative cover was altered in order to achieve acceptable rates of soil erosion. Agrociencia Uruguay 2 1: Bosque Valdivia 14 1: RUSLE2 can be used to compute soil loss, deposition, and deposition for each of these slope shapes by dividing the slope into segments.

The other part of erosivity is the part that management can change such as changes in infiltration that affects rate and amount of runoff and the present of material that reduces the forces applied to the soil. Such as approach efosion often satisfactory for most conservation planning.


A framework for the use of the universal soil loss equation in Uruguay.

EROSION HIDRICA. – ppt descargar

Even though deposition occurs on the midpart of this hillslope, the entire hillslope length has to be considered because of the origin of the runoff that flows over the lower hicrica.

A second aspect that arose from this cluster analysis and the results of soil erosion in the basins Figure 3b is that the basins that need a modification of their land use to protect the freshwater quality are in the South, a region currently dominated by soybean crop rotations and dairy production.

The slope length factor L-factor was calculated using the function proposed by McCool et al. From isolated to integrated long-term experiments: If transport capacity exceeds sediment load, sediment load will be determined by the amount of sediment made available by detachment.


Cartas regulares de Chile. Land distribution according to estimated soil erosion under the current and proposed vegetative cover scenarios. Deposition begins to occur where transport capacity equals sediment load.

RUSLE parameter values were assigned to each cell and annual soil loss estimates were generated on a cell by cell basis. Native forests, in their undisturbed state, should have C values close to 0.

Topographic factor LS-factor The slope gradient factor S-factor expressed in degrees, radians and percent was estimated by applying the second-degree polygons with free GIS software gvSIG www. If sediment load exceeds the amount of sediment produced by detachment, deposition occurs.


Currently, most of the county is divided into small lots and farms. R values for the San Antonio and Rapel weather stations were and MJ mm ha -1 yr -1respectively. The lack of measurements of soil erosion can be attenuated by performing simulation studies. In practice, both the estimation model and values for each of the variables are incorporated into the GIS.

In contrast, Honorato et al. Pine and eucalyptus forests are estimated to require 8 yr before achieving full soil protection Bathurst et al. Sustainable agricultural production therefore requires the management of erosion and potential water pollution.

Soil loss is the net mass of sediment removed from a particular portion of the slope. The L and S factors for the county have relatively low values, mainly because the county’s topography consists of mildly rolling hills and flat areas.

La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios

Each scenario was designed to reflect distinct but practically feasible changes in vegetative cover. Many of the remaining areas of natural forest have been thinned for cattle and some species have been cut for firewood. Parameters L, S, C and P are adimensional.