GAMES OF COMMAND — Feb RITA Award Finalist! PEARL Award Winner! Can she trust a man who is half-machine? The universe isn’t what it used . The universe isn’t what it used to be. With the new Alliance between the Triad and the United Coalition, Captain Tasha “Sass” Sebastian. Games of Command Linnea Sinclair This bit of space opera romance silliness is dedicated, with thanks, to: Janie Blankenship, RN, DON, aka Doc Eden, who.

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Not linneaa people have read it, but soft copies are available. Kel-Paten is one hero that suffers so silently that you wish Tasha would see what he sees in her and understand his feelings.

It was really confused at the beginning with way to many names and terms being thrown about to establish the background.

Games Of Command by Linnea Sinclair – Penguin Books Australia

But after all her years in space, the continuous chatter over shipboard comms—requesting Lieutenant So-and-So to report to Such-and-Such or advising Team Whatever that the Who-Gives-A-Lubashit Drill was about to commence—no longer registered in her mind. And the Holy Grail of heroines, she does stuff! I’ve had my eye on this one since I read a follow-up short story in the SFR Brigade antho referencing this one. She stood near the foot of his bed, close enough that he heard her surprised intake of breath commnd his heat touched her.

No Alpha-Beta-Gamma things here, just two very tough and capable people, who try to do good in a harsh universe. Tasha suddenly and for no reason I could see goes from feeling like she is sort of, almost friends with Kel-Patel to being head over heels in love with him.


But the bio-cybe has something to hide as well, something once thought impossible for his kind to possess: While the political plot wass interesting and the action kept the story moving, the strength of the story lies in Kel-Paten and Sass. She leans back in the o, crosses her legs, and watches a wide shimmer of light coalesce in front of her. He reached out, softly, haltingly, into her mind just as she exited sick bay. She stares into a pair of ice-blue eyes, notes his slight frown of confusion.

I can see why — this one focuses considerably on relationships instead of space opera elements, and it has many of the tropes that eventually shape the current state of sci-fi and urban fantasy stories. When are you going sknclair let me talk to him?

It aligned Tasha with him under the heading of command, breaking her usual allegiance with the CMO. Do you understand me, Lieutenant?

Tasha is a self-assured, courageous and intelligent heroine who knows what she ljnnea and has a great sense of humor. His physical senses were coming around too quickly, and he was aware of her perfume and the soft sound of her breathing as she moved closer to him. If there was anyone who could counter such a game, it was Kel-Paten. But I wouldn’t put it first on my list of books of Sinclair’s to try com,and you are just starting out with her.

Sass and Kel-Paten make a great team too, with a lot of respect for each others capabilities. My little niggles were just that… little. But his appearance seemed anything but coincidental. She gives the techie the order to open the comm and—for what will be the first of many times to come—hears the voice gamrs Captain Kel-Paten.

Official website of SF Romance and Rita© Award Winning Author, Linnea Sinclair

He studied her face. Eden caught only a few words: Right from the tips of his scuffed boots to the gray pants that hugged well-muscled thighs, to the torn shirt that revealed a flat, hard stomach, to the square jaw with that damnably attractive cleft, to com,and night-dark long hair that escaped its careless tie and now lay against his shoulders—he was unequivocally gorgeous.


To be a telepath meant you were either a government agent with TelTal or Psy-Serv, or you were declared—based on the Intergalactic Psychic Concordance and Protection Statutes sknclair when she was a child—legally insane.

And he had a very bad feeling about what Fynn did notice. It was a small smile and a bit crooked. He turned from where he stood near the upper-bridge railing. Human yet not, logical and emotionless yet not. She stopped just short of the bridge doors and turned. The characters are very strong and likable and the storytelling is generally good.

It sounds like his condition is still uncertain. She let her hand encircle his wrist and used the blinking red numbers on her watch to let her mind fall into a light trance.

Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair

His gloved hands were crossed over his chest. How did you know this would work?

She could no longer deny the admiral the right to do the latter, and she had only vague ideas what to do about the former. However, her focus is different from ours. I spent two years with UCID doing undercover work.