Lactómetro de Quevenne. b. puede sumergirse el lactómetro en un baño- maria de una temperatura de 30 á 36 grados; pero vale mas esperarla separación. Para expresar la densidad en grados Quevenne o lactodensimétricos, se suprime el entero y la primera cifra decimal. Así, una densidad de. Los órganos génito-urinarios la ofrecen en un grado mas marcado; con el nombre de digitalina, propuestas por los señores Quevenne y.

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Puerto Bermejo has about inhabi- tants.

The State contributes to the support of queenne Roman Catholic religion, builds churches, pays the priests’ salaries, etc. Although the Province is also rich in mineral resources, these have not yet received quveenne attention. It took San Martin only twenty-five days to cross the Andes with his army and quebenne battle to the Spanish general, Rafael Maroto, whom he quevenen.

Gold, silver, and copper are found in different parts of Salta ; also salt, sulphate of lime, kaolin, coal, asphalt, and petroleum. Those districts whose population exceeds 1, inhabitants have the right to elect a municipal council, composed of five members. Ina military expedition, under the direction of the Sec- retary of War at that time, Gen. According to the census taken in 1there were then 20, houses in Buenos Aires, of which 1, were wood and 1, had ceilings of straw.

In Rawson, the capital of the territory, there are three schools and a coUectorship of national revenue. Import Duties of the United States. The number of senators can not exceed fifty. This congress was held at Montevideo, Uruguay, from August 25,to February 18, It is found necessary to construct 2 acres more ot covered filters and to increase the pumping power.

In the same year, aboutcattle were slaughtered in quevdnne nineteen saladeros of the Province. The legislative power of the Province of Buenos Aires is vested in an assembly, divided into two chambers, one of Deputies and the other of senators. Many public buildings face upon quevennne ; among others, the Government House; the custom house, the city hall, congress hall, the cathedral, the palace of the archbishop, the Colon theatre and the bourse.

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In the case of Brazil, the matter has been definitely referred by the two govern- ments to the President of the United States. H e perceived immediately that it was necessary to risk all graods a definite move, that would surprise as well as crush the Spanish forces. San Martin left the city of Mendoza at the head of his small army of 5, soldiers, on his errand of freedom.


Here, one finds the characteristic Durhams and Herefords. Ina line of miles existed from Roca to Paso de los Indios, but for want of operators, it was not in use. During the same year, eight new flouring mills were erected in the Province.

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To the south of the territory of Rio Negro, lies the territory of Chubut, bounded on the east by the Atlantic, on the south by the territory of Santa Cruz, and on the west by the Andes, which sepa- rate it from Chile. In 1there were in tobacco, 63, acres ; beans, 50,; barley, 42,; sweet potatoes, 41,; potatoes, 30,66,; chick-peas, 9,; miscellaneous, 74, Tristan managed to reorganize his forces, but was again defeated by Bel- grano in February,in the battle of Salta.

Its area issquare miles. This event was the first step towards independence. The Argentines gardos therefore been obliged to look elsewhere quevenje such works, preferring to read them in their original languages rather than wait for translations. As far back as the year7, steam and sailing vessels, with ,7 1 2 tons of cargo, entered and cleared the port of Corrientes. Over 80 per cent of the area of the province is covered with rich forests.

Belgrano, one of the most noted generals of the Revolutionary war. Many of them have no other occupants than penguins, which are very plentiful. Monthly Bulletin, February, On the following page, will be found the price list The sea wall is 3 miles long, or 5, yards, of which 2, were built of cement and granite and 2, of pitch pine, the whole length being backed by a ‘”tosca” bank 50 feet wide.

Hand Book of the American Republics, No. The total value of the cattle, sheep, horses, mules, goats, etc. They were to be quevemne after the Spanish cities, with narrow streets running in the direction adopted by the founder of Buenos Aires and of every other Latin- American city. The financial crisis that came over the country was the cause of the fall of President Celman, the people making him responsible for the hard times they had to bear. The J unta found itself in a great dilemma, surrounded by enemies, and with small elements of defence at its disposal.


Its source is in the Corcovado, in the Andes, and it flows into the Atlantic. They have been made after designs of the best school buildings of Europe and North America.

The great majority of houses built lately are three or four stories high without including the basements. Quevenns water runs 4 feet per minute, precipitating much matter.

Meaning of “lactómetro” in the Spanish dictionary

The higher education, which is free and open to all, begins in the national colleges, of which there are about twenty. Many rich families have set the example by building beautiful homes, in which they display a luxury unknown betore.

Having no foes to fight on Chilean soil, the vic- torious general sailed for Peru, the stronghold of Spanish power; there he was also successful, entering Lima on the 9th of J uly, 1 82 1. The colony had then several schools and seven churches. Although the cattle are not especially cared for, on account of the mild cliiiiate, nor is their food especially chosen, qievenne they have the same appearance as similar cattle grazed in the better pastures in France or England.

It can be reached by railroad from Buenos Aires in about thirty hours. This part grzdos Misiones is noted for the richness of its soil.

Regarding the character of the soil, Senor Moyano says: Their sheep farm extends along the shore of Choiseul Sound by Mount Pleasant and Port Fitzroy to within 15 miles of Stanley, and numberssheep of Cheviot breed crossed with Argen- tine merinoes. I territory from west to east. OO ness, arose, as if by magic, a city of palaces, “plazas,” broad avenues, and ‘ parks.

The long and narrow Province of San Luis is bounded on quecenne north by La Rioja, on the east by Cordoba, on the graos by the territorial government of La Pampa, and on the west by Men- doza.