Helminthostachys zeylanica (Linnaeus) Hooker, Gen. Fil. t. 七指蕨 qi zhi jue. Osmunda zeylanica Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: ; Botrychium. Bahasa Indonesia: Paku tunjuk langit. English: Helminthostachys zeylanica 日本 語: ミヤコジマハナワラビ. Wikimedia Commons, For more. For a long period, populations of Helminthostachys zeylanica (L.) Hook. have mostly been restricted in few geographic ranges due to.

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The roots are harvested during the wet season in July—August.

India Biodiversity Portal

Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Ching Marsilea crenata C. Middleton Adiantum philippense L.

Related observations Show all. Moore Psilotum complanatum Sw. Helminthowtachys Pyrrosia angustissima Giesenh. The adult plant usually has only 1 leaf, but sometimes up to 5; it grows with the onset of the rains and dies back to a dormant rhizome and root system over the dry season.


Mature leaves have a spike, 7 to 20 centimeters long, that extends upward from the leaf stalk, roughly following the latter in length. Tagawa Belvisia henryi Hieron.

Helminthostachys zeylanica (PROSEA) – PlantUse English

Send a request for permission. Syngramma minima Holttum Taenitis blechnoides Willd. Akt signal pathways which protects against H2O2-induced apoptosis. Rhizomes are short, thick, and creeping, Stipes are erect, 15 to 30 centimeters long. See Terms of Use for details.

Tectaria griffithii Baker C. It must be kept wet while in active growth but much drier while dormant. Athyrium wallichianum Ching Azolla caroliniana Willd. Study of ethanolic extracts of rhizomes of HZ showed significant hepatoprotective effect against CCl4-induced damage liver damage in rats zeylsnica presents scientific rational for its folkloric use in liver diseases.

Terrestrial fern with short creeping rhizome up to 7 mm in diameter, unbranched, bearing fleshy roots laterally and ventrally; erect stem part absent.

Don Asplenium longissimum Blume Asplenium macrophyllum Sw. Bosch Crepidomanes kurzii Bedd. Clarke ex Baker Bedd.


Helminthostachys Zeylanica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Ito Bolbitis appendiculata Willd. Ching Pyrrosia subfurfuracea Hook.

Morton Tectaria coadunata J. Tectaria devexa Kunze Copel. Compounds were evaluated for their antioxidative activity in a DPPH assay. Cyclosorus sakayensis Zeiller Ching Cyclosorus salicifolius Wall. Presl Holttum Loxogramme avenia Blume C. Presl Microlepia firma Mett. Hymenophyllum holochilum Bosch C.

Scleroglossum sulcatum Kuhn Alderw. Kuo Cyclosorus evolutus C.

Helminthostachys zeylanica – Useful Tropical Plants

Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc. Dryopteris hirtipes Blume Kuntze Dryopteris integriloba C. Decoction helminthostxchys leaves used as tonic after childbirth. Overview Overview Diagnostic Diagnostic Keys. Helminthostachys zeylanica Scientific classification Kingdom: