View and Download President HR owner’s manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for: Hr View and Download PRESIDENT HR user manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. PRESIDENT LINCOLN (HR ) MODS by Roger Perales ~ perales Conversion of this text from html format to PDF by Frank TomeŇ°.

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Loosen them all the way before they come completely out. It uses all the existing switches and buttons. It just so happened that I lived two blocks from a grain elevator at the time, and the truckers waiting to offload their grain liked to sit on CB and yak.

If you get an external amplifier, just make sure you get one that is actually linear; many of the cheaper so-called ‘linear amplifiers’ operate in a class-C mode with no bias, and splatter the band horribly when used for SSB or AM. I reccommend this mod highly! If you operate quite a bit of AM, you will notice that AM signals do sound more muffled with the narrower filter. Any time one of them would transmit, the entire band range of the would be blanketed with white noise.

The exreme left coil labeled L, adjusts USB. Please include My web address somewhere on your site as well. This modification is not needed if you have Chipswitched your radio already. Connect the scope to TP, and adjust VR for the cleanest sine wave.

HR Tips and Tricks

This Mod also allows for an automatic frequency increase or decrease as long as you hold the button down. Remove the cover on the speaker side of the radio. When the DOWN button is pressed it grounds pin 9, causing the pulse train on pin 8 to be outputed to pin 10 through the isolation resistor to the grey wire on J, this will decrement the frequency of the selected digit on the HR, about 1 digit per pulse as long as the button is held down.


With the radio upside down and the PLL board facing you, Remove the four screws in each corner of the pll board. To adjust them, you need a good scope with at least 60 MHz bandwidth MHz would be better.

Under strong signal conditions, these diodes began to break down and effectively killed the selectivity of the radio. The Chipswitch does this internally.

If you write me with a question about modifying your radio or where hr22510 buy an amplifier, without providing a verifiable ham callsign, I will not answer your email; furthermore, your email will be forwarded directly to the Federal Communications Commission, or to the radio regulatory agency of your country.

With the flat side of the transistor facing you and leads pointing down: Feel free to mirror my site. Since I never liked the ugly amber color that Uniden chose for the backlight, I topped it off by making a red hr510 to fit behind the LCD unit from a red Rolodex plastic card protector itemavailable in a pack of 5 colors from your friendly office supply store.

The use of this information may void your radios warranty, The modification of your radio may make its use illegal. Tie a jumper wire from the thru plate via hole at the end of the trace the bare end of the 10K ohm Resistor. Yes, I want to translate this pages into Czech. To center the RIT: These two components are connected to the base of Q All you need to do is to replace the existing Manul Amp transistor with a new one which has greater frequency response and lower noise characteristics.


I can send the pages to you via E-mail if you wish. But it is fairly easy with a little soldering experience, and the right tools.

PRESIDENT HR2510 User Manual

Send E-Mail to rogerbird juno. I bought mine from the friendly folks at Bill’s 2-way. These fixes rebias the switiching transistor to correct this. If you operate a lot of AM, however, this mod may not be for you. This voltage needs to be there during transmit. With the radio right side up, it will be found in the front right-hand corner of the PCB.

Connect the Orange wire, cut from J, to the Grey wire Brown in the Lincoln on the back of the rotary switch. Pin 3 is the lead closest to the back of the radio. Usually the Violet wire usually Red in the Lincoln. To modify this, locate R96 a 2. To get more, Q is the Mic Attenuator, This limits the audio. I did not concern myself with fixing LSB, since Adjust L for Zdravim ono je to skoro jedno, protoze shogun je po VF strance temer identicky s lincolnem vcetne jeho nesvaru.

Chipswitch can be ordered by Phone directly from the manufacurer, there address is: The connector on the main PCB is a 5 wire connector. These adjustments control the frequency of your carrier oscillators, and will knock your audio out of whack if not adjusted to spec. If you need any manal with the files, let manusl know.