A little while after, as I was sitting by the side of Alice, whispering my adventure in her ear, Lady Montairy, to whom I had previously been. Lady Pokingham has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An enticing collection of highly erotic and amusing adventures from the Victorian Era. The subject of these. Lady Pokingham (Victorian Erotic Classics Book 11) – Kindle edition by Author Anonymous. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

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TJ rated it really liked it Jan 25, I remember no more of this extraordinary scene, but James told me next day they were frightened, I went off into such a death-like faint, they had to carry me to my room, and use restoratives till I gradually breathed a little, and sank into a restless kind of sleep, that I had bitten both the boys’ pricks till they were sore and bleeding.

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The Pearl/Volume 11/Lady Pokingham, or They All Do It. – Wikisource, the free online library

The Romance of Lust: It was far more exciting than the blindfold romp on Fred’s birthday; she kept us going till pkkingham by one, the couples subsided on the inviting couches, which stood around the room; my partner was in a brilliant state of erection, but he whispered to me, “Not yet Beatrice dear, we must see to Corisande.

James’ Square, I found that Lady Montairy had brought an invitation from the Duchess for us ladt spend a few days at Crecy House before our return to the country. The Amorous Adventures Of Margot. His eyes sparkled with delight as he drained it to the bottom, and flung the empty glass over his shoulder, exclaiming, “No one shall ever put their lips to that again, it was indeed a challenge, Lady Beatrice, after which nothing but the reality will satisfy me,” then rising, he persisted in claiming the kiss I had, as he alleged, challenged him to take.


Lady Pokingham (The Pearl , Vol 1)

Now you shall have my tale, although it would really serve you right to make you wait till to-morrow. His Lordship sucked excitedly at the morsel in his mouth, and we could just hear him mumbling out, in a half-choked voice, “Beautiful! And then, too, think of how well it pays! By using this site, you agree to the Lxdy of Use and Privacy Policy. Jerome’s charmed with everything, and especially with the fine prospect we seemed to have of future enjoyment.

The Pearl, An Erotic Classic

Lady Montairy conducted us to our apartments, and dismissing the attendants as soon as possible, she embraced me first, and then Alice, saying: Lady Pokingham by Anonymous. Why Victoria and myself never get enough; the more we pokinfham the more we seem to require, and the less able they become to satisfy us.

Lothair, whose shyness of the previous evening seemed considerably dispelled, most gallantly insisted upon my partaking of refreshment, before a word of my communication should be uttered. His conversation was very lively all through the repast, and when we had nearly finished I asked him to ring for a little milk, which was brought to me; he was at the moment abstractedly examining the debris of a pate de foie gras.

With a furious plunge, the dart of love made its effort just pokingnam the right moment. In other languages Add links. He asked us an to drive down to Richmond and dine with him the next day, but Alice declined for me and herself, alleging as a reason the short time we had to stay in town, and pokinghzm we should at once have to avail ourselves of the Duchess’s invitation, and with Lady Jerome’s permission would remove to Crecy House early in the morning.


Memoirs of a Southern Belle. Aldegonde, indifferent and ‘ne’er do well’ as he seems, is the life and soul of it; Bertha indulges him in everything.

Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kiki rated it did not like it Nov 29, My partner now led me to a couch, as the others lavy on the same kind of business.

I was soon beside her, equally denuded of covering. Her touches fired my blood, and the way she sucked my tongue seemed most delicious. The company retired to the dressing rooms, and in a few minutes we were all back in the drawing-room, everyone in a state of nudity with the exception ladt silk stockings, garters, and elegant dancing shoes.

Lady Pokingham (The Pearl , Vol 1) by Evangeline Anthurium

He hastily wrote the assignation on his tablets, and we made haste to return to the saloons from which we had been absent quite twenty minutes. You can remove lad unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. The Boudoir, Volumes 3 and 4. The Amazing Chastisement of Miss Bostock. Talk about women’s rights, they ought to compel husbands to find substitutes, when they can’t do it for us.