Red Dog has ratings and reviews. ·Karen· said: Plain tales, simply told, based on true stories of a dog who lived in the Pilbara area of Wester. Buy Red Dog New Ed by Louis de Bernieres (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. While visiting Australia, Louis de Bernieres heard the legend of Red Dog and decided to do some research on this extraordinary story.

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In the movie they have made him American, played by an actor of some note, presumably because Americans don’t watch movies that don’t have an American connection.

This book fits under the ‘book that has been made into a film’ section on the wide reading bingo board. I saw the Red Dog movie last year, and I did love it. On the whole the stories are beautiful. My favourite character in the this book is obviously Red Dog as he the highlight and comedy center of this short novel. People make me so upset sometimes, especially where animals are involved.

As the author learned more about the dog, he formulated the novel, which is essentially an amalgamation of the anecdotes told about this much loved animal, his endearing and also his annoying habits, his ability to get under the guard of the most hardened characters, and his ev Red Dog is the 5th book by Louis de Bernieres and was inspired when de Bernieres visited the West Australian town of Karratha for a literary dinner and came across the bronze statue to Red Dog outside the town of Dampier.


He was a Red Cloud Kelpie, a breed of sheepdog known for its energy and cleverness.

Red Dog (film tie-in)

In any event, this is a much loved tale in our north west, and I think De Berniere did it good justice. The April 3rd Incident. Anyone who loves dogs, and anyone who understands that dogs are mans best friend, and smarter than they are given credit for.

Funny, too, what will keep our little minds fairly amused while gently recuperating from a double whammy bug. Mar 17, Bonny rated it it was amazing. Noela, you have a lot of making up to do.

Observer review: Red Dog by Louis de Bernières | Books | The Guardian

Glimpses of the Moon. You can’t help but love him. Views Read Edit View history. Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres You are here: The rfd are high spirited, lovable Australians and the dog Anyhow, I liked this a lot, and wandered around on the net to find a picture of the statue.

Novels LOA To write the book, he later returned to the a Red Dog actually existed; the author notes in the author’s note that the stories he tells in the book are all based in reality, and that all he invented were the characters. I don’t think I had ever read a book that has made me feel just about every emotion possible, before this one. Although with this book, Beth has now witnessed just how much I really can sob my heart out over a book Set on the Greek island of Cephalonia during the Second World War, the novel tells the story of a love affair between the daughter of a local doctor and an Italian soldier.

Louis de Bernieres gives Red such a poignant yet utterly believable voice that Red Dog will make you grin, giggle and gasp.


The Mayor of Casterbridge. Topics Biography books The Observer.

Red Dog (novel) – Wikipedia

I seriously need to go and find the most cheerful book on my shelf right now after that! I rarely read any book more than once, but I’m starting right back at the beginning, right now. Berkelouw have years of experience in providing books for interior decoration, retail and corporate displays, film, theatre and commercials. Though apparently aimed at ‘younger readers’, I’d advise caution before sharing Red Dog’s adventures with small children.

The story is heartwarming yet a little sad at the end, but what a great story it is! But, it looks like you have to be I firstly went to see the movie – as it was out on the big screen and I didn’t know it was a book before a movie.

When other locals learn that the Cribbages are trying to get rid of the popular dog, they threaten the bernierss until they leave. I learn’t bernierse this book that you should never be held at home. The best stories about animals are really stories about the people who form bonds with them, and therein lies the central fault of this extremely slender effort from the celebrated author of Corelli’s Mandolin.

Sep 26, Mozette rated it really liked it. And the nice thing in Red Dog’s case, is that he had the love and affection of an entire community.