spam and viruses can be defeated simply by deploying MailScanner. systems, this first version of the MailScanner Manual includes only installation. MailScanner Guide. Contents. Acknowledgements; Brief Description; Features and Highlights; How It Works; Presentation given at JANET NetWorkshop Abstract. A guide to installing and using MailScanner, and a complete training manual describing its operation and use in fine detail.

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The message passed to SpamAssassin is truncated there. This defines which virus reports from your virus scanners are really the names of “spam-viruses” as described in the “Spam-Virus Header” section above. To stop this header appearing, set it to be blank.

This next setting is very powerful. Do you want to notify the people who sent you messages containing viruses or badly-named filenames?

Don’t set it to anything other than “supported” on a system that could ever receive important mail. Some users who are very anti-spam may choose to automatically delete any marked messages. MailScanner is a complete e-mail security system designed for use on e-mail gateways. This option can be used to suppress filename checks inside password-protected archives.

The contents is set by “Information Header Value” and is intended for you to be able to insert a help URL for your users.

This is not a good idea as it allows various Microsoft Outlook security vulnerabilities to remain unprotected, but if you have a load of mailing lists sending them, then you will want to allow them to keep your users happy.

  4150.2 IN PDF

Depending on which operating system specific package you select, you will be presented with different installation options that have been tailored to that operating system. This is mxilscanner in seconds. Do you want to log the processing speed for each section of the code guidd a batch?

If the “Run As User” is “root” or not set at all and you are using the “clamd” virus scanner AND clamd is not running as root, then this must be set to the group clamd is using from your clamd. This could be achieved by using a ruleset. This is currently only used to check that you don’t end up using untested virus scanner support code without realising it. Delivery errors have no sender address.

You may well consider, for example, zip and rar files to be archives, but maybe TNEF files to not be archives as they are really just another way of supplying attachments that is only used by Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. This is used for expanding.

When a virus or attachment is replaced by a plain-text warning, should the warning be in an attachment? If a message appears in at least this number of “Spam Lists” as defined abovethen the message will be treated as “High Scoring Spam” and so the “High Scoring Spam Actions” will happen. Set Run In Foreground to “yes” if you want MailScanner to operate normally in foreground and not as guied background daemon.

You might want to set this quite small for large mailing lists so they don’t get deluged by large attachments. See the file itself for more information. If the original total size of all the attachments to be compressed is mailscaner than this number of bytes, they will not be zipped at all.


MailScanner Configuration Index

The SpamAssassin system is also supported as an optional extra, which if installed will greatly improve the ability to be able to identify spam. Was this message transmitted using IPv6 or IPv4 in its last hop? Each header should end in a “: When the guiee has guode scanned but no other subject line changes have happened, do you want modify the subject line?

If you use the ‘attachment’ Spam Action or High Scoring Spam Action then this is the location of inline spam report that is inserted at the top of the message. But read the notes above.

Configuration Index – MailScanner v5.1.x

A few examples for you: These lock files are used between MailScanner and the virus signature “autoupdate” scripts, to ensure that they aren’t both working at the same time which could cause MailScanner to let a virus through. This also includes the translation gudie “MailScanner” in each of the report lines resulting from one of Mailscahner own checks such as filename, filetype or dangerous HTML content. See the Perl DBI documentation for all available options.

See the sample files for examples of this. Once the size limit is reached, MailScanner continues adding to the data passed to SpamAssassin, until at most the 2nd number of bytes have been added looking for a blank line.